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What can I say. I'm all about jewelry. Modern, contemporary,unique, antique and handmade. I love it all. My love of jewelry started about 5 years ago. I've always enjoyed doing all types of crafts, but never tried making jewelry. A random thought and a quick stop to the hobby shop got me started, but once my first piece was completed. I fell in love. I began taking metalsmithing classes, teaching myself to use metal clay and more. The options are endless in the world of jewelry. You can create and add flare to your own style and begin trends and believe me I say there is nothing like starting a trend. Throughout the years I've found that this craft has been a great stress reliever and motivator. Jewelry making continues to push me to different limits and I am blessed and excited to share my knowledge and skills with you. Razina's will offer jewelry making tutorials, discuss hottest trends and how to wear jewelry. Thank you for stopping by and look out for more blogs.